Red Mountain Counseling LLC at Adult and Child Development Professionals

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Red Mountain Counseling LLC at Adult and Child Development Professionals

Practical and positive services help people, couples, families.

My clinical focus is on marriage, family relationships, men’s Issues, and young adults over the age of 16.

What is counseling?

I believe counseling (sometimes called psychotherapy or simply, therapy) is a collaborative effort which occurs in a supportive environment that allows a person to talk as openly as they care to with a counselor. A counselor is objective, non-judgmental, caring, and knowledgeable with respect to life issues, transitions, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth.

Who benefits from counseling?

Counseling is an individual choice. There are many reasons why a person decides to seek counseling:

to attain better understanding of oneself, one’s goals, and personal values

to develop skills for improving relationships

to gain more effective ways to cope with stress

to change old patterns and to develop new ones

to solve problems in life, in marriage, in the family, in the work or school environment

to improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and productivity

to discover and develop strategies to make positive change

to successfully negotiate a way through a transitional period

to experience relief, release, and rejuvenation

to address issues such as depression, anxiety, conflict, grief, addiction

For a person who seeks change, a counselor can provide support, fresh perspectives, problem-solving skills, and coping strategies.

What is the counseling experience like?

Every session is unique to each person involved, and to specific goals. A session lasts around fifty minutes. Counseling can focus on a single specific issue, address complex matters, or ongoing personal growth.

Who is in the room when counseling/therapy takes place?

Depending on the specific need, a counselor may meet with a single individual, with both partners of a marriage, or with several or all members of a family. Some clients choose to meet along with others who share similar concerns in group counseling sessions. Some groups can involve more than one counselor.

What benefits does Red Mountain Counseling LLC offer clients?

Birmingham is blessed with many great counseling and mental health professionals and services. Red Mountain Counseling LLC offers several benefits too:

1. Dynamic values, including healthy, authentic relationships, development of strengths, and creative solutions are incorporated into the counseling process.

2. I strongly value Character, Spirituality, and Common Sense

For me, the exercise of leadership roles in the church and the classroom combines with personal experiences in marriage and parenting to confirm the importance of character for life. I am delighted to see the rise in popularity of Positive Psychology, an outlook which emphasizes character as an essential ingredient of healthy and happy living.

Spirituality, a lifelong personal interest and pursuit, is becoming recognized by a growing number of counseling professionals as key to wholeness.

A Common Sense standard of professional practice means that I attempt to evaluate the practical effective impact of each intervention I make. Common Sense includes consultation, if needed, with counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who make up Adult and Child Development Professionals.

3. I make counseling services Convenient and Affordable

As a consulting provider at Adult and Child Development Professionals, I am provided with a friendly and helpful professional staff. The building where my office is located has a positive feel to it. Red Mountain Counseling, LLC is in a convenient location with parking at the door. I attempt to schedule appointments according to your convenience and circumstance when you call (205) 933-9276 Extension 155

Good mental health is priceless. Solving problems can prove to be highly economical. Most sessions cost between $80 and $100. If money is a concern for you, please be candid about the situation when you call. It is often the case that something can be worked out.

Red Mountain Counseling LLC does not file insurance claims. A client should check with their own insurance carrier about coverage under their policy. Please plan to pay the bill at the time counseling services are received. Upon request, office staff can provide a super bill which a client may file.

4. I offer a free, short, pre-counseling meeting to anyone who contemplates counseling. I want each newcomer to be comfortable and confident that counseling is a good decision, and that we can work well together before counseling ever begins.

Young Men, Couples, Families, Fathers, Trauma survivors, Spouses of Trauma Survivors, Caregivers, People dissatisfied with previous therapy attempts.

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