Fast Religion Event Ideas and Suggestions.

08:00 am - 01/18/2019


1195 Bessemer Rd
Birmingham AL  35228-1143

Drifting returns to the Magic City and Fast Religion invites everyone to share in on the fun! So 100% legal that the cops will be cheering you on.

Pay online using PayPal

Spectators - $5

Before Dec. 20th
Drivers $30

After Dec. 20th
Drivers $50

We're also offering deals on driver groups of 5 or more that register before or on the 20th of December. Just inbox details of your group before you pay. No driver cap as of now.

Tech Inspection and rules
1. The steering mechanism and the suspension of the car will be checked for its general condition.
2.There should be no significant fluid leaks from the engine, radiator, or hoses.
3.The brakes should be in good working condition and must be able to stop the vehicle in a reasonable distance in a safe and controlled manner.
4.The battery should be securely fastened to the car.
5. All seats must be securely fastened to the structure of the car such that they are strong enough to withstand a major impact.(no milk crates)
6.Be at least 18 years old.
7. Hold a currently valid state driver’s license.
8. Sign all required waivers, and in particular the “gate waiver” before entering the facility.
9. Fully pay all applicable fees.
10. All drivers are required to attend all mandatory meetings.
11. Damage to the fencing, walls, buildings, trailers, equipment, vehicles, etc., by the driver (including his/her friends, crew, and sponsors) is the responsibility of the driver, and said driver agrees herein to make restitution. This agreement is binding when a driver enters the event.
12. Visible toes are prohibited (e.g. no sandals, no bare feet, no high heels).
13. Shirts must be worn. Vision must not be impaired.
14. Fire retardant clothing is suggested.
15. Fire extinguishers are suggested for automobile driver/passenger cockpit (must be secured and usable).
16. Safety belts have to be DOT or race approved approved safety belts/harnesses must be worn.
17. Hub caps and spinners are forbidden because I said so.
18. No open lug holes means all lugs must be present and tight.If you are missing any go to autozone up the street.
19. Accelerator pedal must have a working return spring and operate smoothly.
20. Loose items, including unbolted-down floor-mats, items in glove box or under seat, and unstrapped fire extinguishers, are forbidden.
21. Roll Cages are to be approved for tandem :)
22. Automobiles must have locked doors in place on both sides of driver/passenger cockpit
23. Automobiles must have no vision impairing DOT-approved safety glass.
24. Alcohol being drunk or drugs being done by any driver will result in ban, ass kicking or beating by police, your choice.
25. Flags will be discussed in driver meeting.

This event is covered by insurance and is permitted by the city with full permission from the property owner.
Drivers List:
Andrew Chang
Blake Randolph
Brandon Bass
Byron Hill
Casey Holmes
John Beard
Matt Turner
Michael Eagan
Forrest Luster II
Hooman Rahimi
Johnny Kommavongsa
Joseph Pinson
Joshua Foran
Justin Freeman
Kudro Bailey
Paul Scudamore
RJ Nunley
Ryan Coffel
Scotty Dobler
Tyler Clayton

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